University of Maryland

Course Scheduling

Schedules are created in conjunction with the Director of Academic Programs, Senior Associate Dean, faculty, and program staff. Schedules are submitted to the Scheduling Office at least one year prior to their offering. That means that faculty and programs will be consulted about course offerings very far in advance of their offerings. The Director of Academic Programs contacts faculty during the schedule entry process to determine preferred courses and course times. Every effort is made to accommodate faculty preferences, however, we cannot guarantee that these can be met. Assignments are made in accordance to the needs of the College as well as the faculty.

Fall Schedule – Entered during October – November for following academic year
Spring Schedule – Entered during May – June for following academic year

2 Year Course Plan
This document indicates which INST, INFM, and LBSC courses the iSchool intends to offer over the subsequent 2 academic years including: where they will be held, what format they’ll be offered in, and which semester they’ll be offered. This document is used as a guide course offerings and to ensure that program requirements are offered in appropriate sequence. This document is updated twice annually in the Fall and early in the Spring semester. Academic programs are asked to review and suggest courses based on enrollments, specialization requirements, and student feedback. This document is posted publicly on the iSchool website.

Course Cancellations
Director of Academic Programs reviews courses with low enrollments periodically and cancels courses at least one month prior to the start of the course. Faculty, Program Coordinators, and Student Services Office (SSO) are notified by the Director of Academic Programs. Advisors/SSO staff notify registered students.