University of Maryland

Specialization Approvals

All specializations within graduate programs are currently classified as “informal specializations” by the University. This means that they do not appear on a student’s transcript. This type of in-formal specialization must be submitted for approval at the iSchool, Graduate School, and University levels. If the specialization is substantially revised it must be re-submitted.

Specialization Approvals Workflow

  1. Academic Program Committee(s)
  2. iSchool Programs, Courses, and Curriculum Committee (PCC)
  3. Graduate School PCC 
  4. University Senate PCC

Proposal Process & Responsibilities

  1. Email the proposal to the appropriate academic program coordinator and CC the Director of Academic Programs.
    • All proposals must be submitted to respective program committees well in advance of the meetings (at least one week) to be reviewed for that month. Committees may choose to vote on proposals between meetings at their discretion.
    • Proposals must follow the format as outlined in the PCC Maual:
  2. Academic Program Committees must notifying the faculty member(s) and Director of Academic Programs if the specialization is approved or send a  justification/request for revisions if it is not approved.
  3. The Director of Academic Programs will include the specialization(s) at the following PCC Committee meeting.
  4. If approved by PCC, the Director of Academic Programs will move the proposal to the Graduate PCC and University Senate PCC, they will notify the academic program as the proposal moves through the University processes.