University of Maryland

Incremental Improvement Application Information

Important Dates – Proposal Applications:

  • January 15th
  • April 15th
  • September 15th

Complete the Online Application Form and attach the following documents:

  • 2-page Project Description
  • Proposed Budget
  • Proposed Timeline
  • Bio-sketch of all researchers

The Project Description should address the following:

  • Need: Articulate the importance of the particular activity within the landscape of ongoing efforts. What is the field or area of the effort? What is known or has been done in this space already? What is the problem, roadblock, unknown, or complication that impeding progress? How would this proposal contribute to making progress and/or enhancing existing efforts? How is it different from and complementary to them?
  • Activities to Be Undertaken: Include a description of what will be done, including the participants (if any); how participants will be recruited and selected, number of participants; detailed participant cost and justification of proposed budget; materials to be used; activities or procedures (presentations, conference sessions, working meetings, break-out sessions); and how the requested funds would be used to support these activities. Submission to IRB should be acknowledged (if engaged in human participant research).
  • Outcomes and Impact: Articulate the impact on the iSchool of sponsoring this activity. Clearly identify the field and what impact the proposed activities would have on it. What would be the outcome or product (grant proposals written, the white paper posted, etc.)? How would it be disseminated? If you seek to publish for open access, how does this fit in terms of broader impact and reach? If there will be follow-on activities (scholarly activities at major conferences, etc.), what would they be, when would they happen and who would do them? What would be the impact on society of the proposed activities?

Proposed Budget

  • The proposed budget should be clearly linked to the proposed activities and reasonable to the scope. It should be clear how the funds would be used and why the expenses are necessary for the project to be completed successfully. It should include concrete deliverables.

Proposed Timeline

  • The proposed timeline should be detailed and realistic for the completion of all activities.


  • The bio-sketch of all researchers should clearly indicate that the team has the necessary expertise to complete the proposed work. Bio-sketches should include the following:
    • Researcher names
    • Researcher’s current position/title
    • Degrees or certifications earned
    • Products
      • Research related to the propped project (publications, programs written, datasets, software, patents)
    • Synergistic Activities
      • Up to 5 related activities or experiences

Grant Winners

  • Faculty recipients must spend funds and complete projects before leaving the University.
  • Recipients are required to provide a Final Report upon completion of projects or no later than 1 year from the date of notification.
  • Final reports will be posted on the iSchool Research Library.