University of Maryland

Submission Process for Interest Groups

Request to Establish

To form an interest group, faculty submit a Request to Establish that describes:

  • Name of group and of the contact person
  • Purpose/focus of the group and how it would support the College’s mission
  • Who is involved and their roles/responsibilities (vis-a-vis meetings, events, and projects)
  • Regular meetings planned, their frequency and purpose
  • Collaborative projects to be undertaken
  • Events planned
  • Proposed budgetstaffing needs, and potential funding sources

Request Assessed Based on:

  • Importance and relevance of topic to iSchool
  • Successful completion of public events
    • Execution and non-member participation
  • Successful regular group meetings
    • Regular occurrence, sufficient attendance, positive outcomes – discovery discussions, project/proposal initiation, etc
  • Up-to-date web and communication presence
    • Review of content and activity
  • Progress on projects/proposal of new projects
  • Proposals submitted/received, publications submitted/accepted, etc

Review Process:

  • Requests reviewed by a committee
    • Senior Associate Dean (Chair)
    • Associate Dean for Research
    • Assistant Dean for Academic Programs
    • Faculty CAC Member selected by CAC Chair
  • Committee
    • Makes recommendations to the Dean regarding new and continued funding
    • Provides feedback for Interest Groups on their progress and proposed activities

Application Template to fill and submit (CLICK HERE)


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