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Tuesday, October 19, 2021


The College of Information Studies occupies three separate spaces – the Hornbake Library South, the Patuxent Building, and the Universites at Shady Grove.

Facilities Maintenance Guidelines

To ensure that facilities maintenance issues are handled appropriately, we have created guidelines to help you respond to different types of facilities problems.

Active Physical Danger or Emergencies
  • Description:
    Issues that pose imminent danger to physical safety
    Examples: Fire, suspicious or threatening individuals, theft, robbery.
  • How to Report:
    Go to a safe location and then call 911. Notify your supervisor as safety permits.
Potential Health or Safety Hazards
  • Description:
    Issues that present a potential health or safety hazard
    Examples: Major water leaks, sparks from electrical outlets or devices, etc.
  • How to Report:
    Call campus Facilities work control immediately at (301) 405-2222. Also notify the iSchool facilities team ( so that they can follow up and ensure resolution.
Security and Access
  • Description:
    Issues related to building security and access.
    Examples: After Hours Access to building and/or rooms, problems with door locks, keys, etc
  • How to Report:
    Contact the iSchool Facilities Team (
General Maintenance Issues
  • Description:
    Facilities issues that do not pose health, safety, or security risks
    Examples: Malfunctioning lights, cracked windows, minor heating and/or air conditioning problems, pest control.
  • How to Report:
    Contact campus Facilities work control at (301) 405-2222 to submit a trouble ticket. Also notify the iSchool facilities team ( so that they can follow up and ensure resolution.

Facilities FAQ

For any building access request to include keys for offices please send an email to or call 301-405-9514

Send your name and title to or call 301-405-9514