University of Maryland

Monday, April 12, 2021

Expense Reimbursement

All iSchool items and services must be in accordance with State policy, reasonable and necessary. Document all items purchased and services used using the iSchool Expense Reimbursement Request Form.

Questions regarding the types of items and services that are acceptable can be sent to

If your trip was canceled due to COVID-19, please fill out the iSchool Cancellation Reimbursement Form to receive a reimbursement for any travel expenses that were non-refundable. Please send the items listed along with your form:

(a) your original payment receipt (with proof of expense on your account)

(b) written notification from travel provider that a refund will not be provided

Note: We will be able to process reimbursement requests for non-refundable expenses after the original dates of your intended travel. We cannot provide reimbursement for bookings that will be credited for future use. If you are in this situation and you use this credit for a future approved University trip, you can be reimbursed for that expense after that trip.