University of Maryland

Wednesday, May 12, 2021


Travel Rules

According to the University System Travel Policy, all travel is to be documented and out-of-state and international travel is to be approved before travel begins. The policies are intended to facilitate travel and travel arrangements; to provide full reimbursement for all necessary expenses; and to protect travelers against the risk of loss, while simultaneously maintain the necessary controls for accountability.

The University has developed a University of Maryland Travelers’ Guide that outlines the travel rules and polices that guide the iSchool’s administration of travel. Please review this guide prior to travel and contact the iSchool Admin team with any questions or concerns. Questions can be sent to

Travel Approval

Travel Expense Reimbursement

Meal Hosting

University of Maryland’s Business Meal policy indicates the instances when University funds may be used for meal hosting and catering. When meal hosting is allowed, expenditures for food must be in accordance with State policy, reasonable, and necessary. All iSchool hosted meals (regardless of source of funds) should be documented using the: iSchool Business Meal Documentation Form

Questions regarding meal hosting can be sent to

Travel Card Procedures